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Some thoughts....

I was just musing on how much of what "society" dictates as "sexy" is purely due to habitual exposure. F'rinstance, a friend pointed me to this website, which laudably uses models who wear what looks like the actual sizes they're selling. (Unlike some other larger-size clothing suppliers.)

I browsed through for a while, looking at the products and the women wearing them, and then went to pick up the mail and leafed through the free magazines up there. (There's a bin near the mailboxes.) The cover of Maxim featured its usual scantily-clothed women--only now, with my vision accustomed to the ample outlines at hipsandcurves, they looked grotesquely underfed.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that perhaps it IS all due to societal conditioning....but maybe it's easier to break than some would have you believe. Maybe it's all in surrounding yourself with alternatives to the barrage of conventional images.

Anyway. *shrug* I probably didn't phrase this well, but for what it's worth.
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