lw (feralbirdgirl) wrote in kissmyass_cosmo,

new Reebok ads

...are horrific. One of my friends recently started a group on Facebook to spread the boycott: BOYCOTT REEBOK AND THEIR NEW ADS THAT OBJECTIFY WOMEN!!!!!!

A snippet from the info page:

Reebok recently created ads that claim that their shoes will "help make your legs and butt look great", "tone your butt up to 28% more than regular sneakers", make "88% of men speechless, 76% of women jealous, "and guarantee "better legs and a better butt with every step." In the ad "Dialogue", the following transcription is read by...what appears to be a woman's breasts, jealous of her butt.

"Stupid butt. Gets all the attention now. She's so tight now, so pretty, so--STUPID."

Then the male voiceover reads: "Make your boobs jealous, with the shoe proven to tone your butt more than regular sneakers."


So, yeah, KMA Cosmo - go forth and let Reebok know that shoes are not an excuse to objectify women!
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