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stretch marks

This pisses me off. Not only as a woman, but as a young mom. Why are my stretch marks "ugly" and "embarrassing"? I'm sorry, I'm not five years old anymore, so I actually don't have perfect five year old skin. I'm an adult woman who produced another human being in my body, so forgive me if my skin reflects that.

from ontd-science, on the subject of skin lighteners

The objective is to find an alternative to hydroquinone, which is harmful enough to be banned in the EU. The question raised is whether it is better to bleach the skin with better chemicals under the assumption that this will never change or to find a way to change attitudes towards color.
pink hair!

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Prepare yourself. The above article is the worst pile of steaming shit I have ever had the misfortune to read in a SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL. Here are a couple of quotes:

"To understand what it takes to be beautiful, we need to be very clear about what being beautiful means—being sexually appealing to men. "

"A woman needs to come up with a workable routine for maintaining her looks throughout her lifetime and avoid rationalizing slacking off— while she's seeking a man and after she has one. Yeah, you might have to put five or ten extra minutes into prettying up just to hang around the house. And, sure, you might be more "comfortable" in big sloppy sweats, but how "comfortable" will you be if he leaves you for a woman who cares enough to look hot for him?"

This gem was in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. Yet not one psychological study, fact or even IDEA was mentioned in the "article." Just a big long rant about feminists and ugly women. The article also makes a point to insult The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, insinuating that it instructs all feminists to shun makeup and turn themselves into "hairy old men." Which I find ironic because that very book was what inspired me to learn how to do makeup - with a healthy, feminist mindset towards the entire idea of makeup and beauty - and eventually to become a makeup artist, to teach my clients that mindset as well. Interesting how she missed the entire point of the book. Or the entire point of everything that isn't running after some dim-witted male in order to keep his attention via visual gymnastics that distract him from other attractive women. How does the writer even handle the stress of existing in a world where her male lover is apt to get up and run away at the very sight of another attractive woman? She should be visiting a psychologist, not writing fact-deficient articles for a bunk magazine.

new show

No one seems to go on here anymore, but nonetheless here is a new show you might be interested in

thoughts? I think it looks cute and "inspiring" I guess, even though I hate that word. I liked nikki blonsky in hairspray so I'll at least watch it, even if it's on abc family :) I can't watch videos on my computer so I can only read the descriptions, so I've only been able to read about it. I guess it's already premiered also