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I am fucking sick and tired of "feminazis". Not feminists, mind, but the "feminazis". The crazy, extreme, incredibly authoritarian ones. The ones that are absolutely ridiculous, cruel, and vindicating. Don't care about other women's problems, just their reproductive freedom and pocket books. The ones that, in my opinion, oppress women more than the things they condemn.

Stop bashing skinny women with things like "at least I eat" and such. I'm glad you're confident in your body, but so am I. I don't base my meals around what it'll do my body, either, thanks.

Go to Africa. Go to South Africa, specifically - it's been styled the "rape capital of the world", after all. Go to China. Go to the Asian countries and the Indian countries and make a difference where women aren't allowed to do things.

Canada, the US, etc? There will always be rape and slander and media for women. But you know what? We aren't are badly off as some other countries. Work on them. Personally, I'll get along a lot better without being told "don't dress like that, you'll make yourself an object", because I prefer "dress like that, it'll make people like you". It's easier to ignore without wasting emotions on it.

Let women want to have children if they want. Let women want to be housewives if they want. Let women want to get married and have "mom" as a career. She's no weaker and no less empowered than you, just because she cooks and cleans and takes care of children.

I'm happy you're confident in yourself, feminazis. I'm glad you're confident in your beauty and your goals and yourselves in general. I'm proud of you.

But don't rip on the people who aren't. Don't discourage them by bashing them for wanting to make themselves what they want to be, don't force them to be confident in what they don't like. Encourage them. If a girl wants to be skinny, don't bitch at her about how she's trendwhoring and is selfish and is somehow not going to enjoy life more, and how it's going to make her unhappy because ohmygoditisn'tYOU!!!1.

I am comfortable in whatever I'm in. I'm comfortable in myself. Teach girls to be comfortable in their minds, and that whatever body they CHOOSE. Encourage them to change themselves to make themselves more comfortable. Don't discourage change because "what you are is best". Maybe what they are is ruining their lives.

Maybe their reasons for wanting to be smaller/bigger/more busty/less busty isn't because X Magazine Told Me So.

Maybe they just want to be that. Maybe they find that gorgeous. It's so much better to work for what you want to be comfortable in than to struggle to force yourself to be confident in what you have.

They make me more uncomfortable than the men they claim see me as a sex object. They make me feel oppressed and inadequate. They make me want to avoid being like them. I'd rather see Jessica Simpson washing cars in her bikini, wearing make-up, and feeling confident in herself, than see extreme feminists bash said actress/songstress/whatever just because she washes cars in her bikini, and wears make-up.

They complain that Jessica Simpson took a "feminist song" about powerful women and made it bad just because she wore a bikini, hot pants, and make-up. How does it make it any less empowering? She's still a strong woman. She certainly isn't cowering. But because the media associates bikinis and hot pants with sex, and make-up with beauty, it's less empowering? I don't know. I find that kind of confidence great.

Go away.

Go away, go away.

And if anyone wants to argue, go for it. I'm okay with that. I'm confident in my opinion, in myself.
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