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So, some designers from "What Not To Wear" made their ways into the living rooms of women of all ages on Oprah, claiming that with their help, "You can look 10, 15, even 30 lbs thinner in a snap!"

This is probably one of the most disturbing things I've seen on this in awhile. It has "tips" on how to hide or transform just about ANY supposed "body flaw" on any woman's body type, and of course, uses language that implies it is doing women a huge favor by cutting out some diseased body part. This might even be more offensive to me than diet ads at the moment, because it plays up the shame over individuality and womanhood in such a sly and invariable way, while reinforcing the same belief that there can only be ONE acceptable body type. It caters to insecurity, shame, and a sense of needing to be HIDDEN. Kept down, in public.

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