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Keep Your Beauty Double Standards Off My Body!
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We're opposed to unfair, unhealthy, sexist and racist beauty double standards
Note: While this community definitely has strong feminist leanings, it is not a "catch-all" feminist community. Please do not post things here which are not on the topic of beauty standards, the beauty industry, et cetera. Thank you! :D


This community is for those who refuse to live up to the standards of beauty pushed on them by society. Sure, cosmo is included in this, but this community isn't really about cosmo, it's about all sorts of things which promote unreasonable, [double] standards of beauty. 'Cosmo' was just chosen because it makes the username vwitty and is widely known.

We both oppose and refuse to comply with the images of beauty and aesthetics set by peers, advertising, and other social factors for reasons ranging from politics to sheer convenience and comfort.

This community is meant as a forum for support, persuasion, venting, et cetera.. There are already lots of communities that deal with the waif image so i hope that people will also incorporate other issues like makeup and shaving.

Questions, comments, complaints?

Bring them to the attention of our mods:

That said, have fun.

Note: This community requires moderator approal of all new members. Your request will be evaluated by one of our mods. We may contact you with some questions.